Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Postponed & I'm okay with it!

First- Thanks to EVERYONE who gave me amazing tips for PCSing =)

Now, onto the story. TMO was originally scheduled to do our assessment earlier this month. Then come back Dec 1-2 to pack up our house {aka: NOW!}. Three-ish weeks ago hubby's orders got pushed back, why? Well... he's going to do some special training a couple states away for a month come this spring. So, TMO will come in the spring instead...

I am SO happy about this! I mean it stinks that things got pushed back after I mentally prepared myself for all of the crazy changes, no holiday decorating, and living with friends that was going to take place, but here are my reasons for being happy:
  • For my husband, he's been waiting for this training for over a year. (even though it's kind of scary training...)
  • While he's gone I'm moving home, which seems silly to go all the way across the country with my car for only a month & a half... but there are multiple reasons for this as well:
    1) Driving the guinea pigs to fly out from AZ because it will be too cold here.
    2) I get to spend a lot of time with the family/friends before moving across the ocean.
    3) I am the MOH for my best friend, and the time I am going home was already planned for her wedding events, ie: bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.
    4) Hubby will most likely be able to attend the wedding, before it would have cost too much for both of us to fly back, and after just checking in at a new duty station he didn't think he could take leave anyway.
    5) My dad has offered to sell my car, it's registered in my home state anyway.
    6) I can got to decorate for Christmas!! (not to mention live in my own house)
Things will be a bit tricky with TMO & the car shipping company right before we both leave, but it also means we only have to send one shipment. Then the last couple of weeks when we both come back here, our friends have offered up their guest room for us. Since I won't have a job I offered to cook/clean in return. They are both very busy so I think that will be a good "payment" of sorts.

This doesn't happen often, but- "Thank you Marine Corps." I'm sure things can will change, but as of right now all the travel except our final departure date has been set and he has all the orders written/printed out.


  1. Wow!!! I am glad things are working out nicely for you (:

  2. Well this is all great :) It is wonderful when things work out in your favor!

  3. I have noo idea why I'm just finding out you're following me! Clearly, I'm not paying all that attention haha. But now, I'm following you! I'm glad things are working out!! :)

  4. Awe one of those rare occurrences of actually loving things getting pushed back! Yay for AZ! I'm loving being back there.


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